Provided by: zfsutils-linux_2.1.5-1ubuntu6_amd64 bug


     zpool-checkpoint — check-point current ZFS storage pool state


     zpool checkpoint [-d [-w]] pool


     Checkpoints the current state of pool , which can be later restored by zpool import
     --rewind-to-checkpoint.  The existence of a checkpoint in a pool prohibits the following
     zpool subcommands: remove, attach, detach, split, and reguid.  In addition, it may break
     reservation boundaries if the pool lacks free space.  The zpool status command indicates the
     existence of a checkpoint or the progress of discarding a checkpoint from a pool.  zpool
     list can be used to check how much space the checkpoint takes from the pool.


     -d, --discard
             Discards an existing checkpoint from pool.

     -w, --wait
             Waits until the checkpoint has finished being discarded before returning.


     zfs-snapshot(8), zpool-import(8), zpool-status(8)