Provided by: zfsutils-linux_2.1.5-1ubuntu6_amd64 bug


     zpool-offline — take physical devices offline in ZFS storage pool


     zpool offline [-ft] pool devicezpool online [-e] pool device


     zpool offline [-ft] pool device…
             Takes the specified physical device offline.  While the device is offline, no
             attempt is made to read or write to the device.  This command is not applicable to

             -f      Force fault.  Instead of offlining the disk, put it into a faulted state.
                     The fault will persist across imports unless the -t flag was specified.

             -t      Temporary.  Upon reboot, the specified physical device reverts to its
                     previous state.

     zpool online [-e] pool device…
             Brings the specified physical device online.  This command is not applicable to

             -e      Expand the device to use all available space.  If the device is part of a
                     mirror or raidz then all devices must be expanded before the new space will
                     become available to the pool.


     zpool-detach(8), zpool-remove(8), zpool-reopen(8), zpool-resilver(8)