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       ab - Apache HTTP 伺服器效能測試工具


       ab  [  -A auth-username:password ] [ -c concurrency ] [ -C cookie-name=value ] [ -d ] [ -e
       csv-file ] [ -g gnuplot-file ] [ -h ] [ -H custom-header ] [ -i ] [ -k ] [ -n requests ] [
       -p POST-file ] [ -P proxy-auth-username:password ] [ -q ] [ -s ] [ -S ] [ -t timelimit ] [
       -T content-type ] [ -v verbosity]  [  -V  ]  [  -w  ]  [  -x  <table>-attributes  ]  [  -X
       proxy[:port] ] [ -y <tr>-attributes ] [ -z <td>-attributes ] [http://]hostname[:port]/path


       ab  是一個測試你Apache http伺服器的工具,你可以透過這個工具 指定一個單位時間內向apache發出
       的請求數量來看看你的Apache和機 器配合的效能如何


       -A auth-username:password
               支援基本的驗證證書,使用者名稱和密碼之間使用"冒號"  :   分隔開,ab將以明文方式傳送過
              去.不管伺服器是不是需要 ,也就是說你的伺服器需要支援401認證.

       -c concurrency
               同時向伺服器端傳送的請求數目,預設狀態下是一次 只執行一個http請求.

       -C cookie-name=value
              Add  a  Cookie:  line  to  the  request. The argument is typically in the form of a
              name=value pair. This field is repeatable.

       -d     Do not display the "percentage served within XX [ms] table". (legacy support).

       -e csv-file
              Write a Comma separated value (CSV) file which contains for each  percentage  (from
              1%  to  100%)  the  time (in milli seconds) it took to serve that percentage of the
              requests. This is usually more useful than the 'gnuplot' file; as the  results  are
              already 'binned'.

       -g gnuplot-file
              Write  all  measured  values  out as a 'gnuplot' or TSV (Tab separate values) file.
              This file can easily be imported into packages like Gnuplot, IDL, Mathematica, Igor
              or even Excell. The labels are on the first line of the file.

       -h     顯示使用說明

       -H custom-header
              向請求包追加附加的標題字串.此引數應該是有效的標題   行(header  line)形式,通常使用冒
              號":"來分隔有效配對 (valid pair)例如 'Accept-Encoding: zip/zop;8 bit';

       -i     使用一個 http 頭(HEAD) 來替換 GET方法.不可以摻入POST 方法

       -k     允許http KeepAlive ;也就是說執行多個請求在一個  http  會話當中,預設是不允許的也就
              是no KeepAlive啦;)

       -n requests
              執行一次測試會話的時候所發出的請求數目,預設是執行一個單一的請求  當然了這樣的測試結

       -p POST-file
              測試程式也就是ab,將向Apache server傳送帶有HTTP POST 的請求.

       -P proxy-auth-username:password
              當需要透過代理測試一臺HTTP 伺服器的時候而你的代理 又需要使用者名稱密碼驗證,這時你可
              以使用這個選項,同樣 使用者名稱與密碼之間使用冒號":"分隔開,ab將之以明文的方式 傳送出

       -q     When processing more than 150 requests, ab outputs a progress count on stderr every
              10% or 100 requests or so. The -q flag will suppress these messages.

       -s     When  compiled in (ab -h will show you) use the SSL protected https rather than the
              http protocol. This feature is experimental and very rudimentary. You  probably  do
              not want to use it.

       -S     Do  not  display  the  median  and  standard  deviation  values,  nor  display  the
              warning/error messages when the average and median are more than one or  two  times
              the  standard  deviation  apart.  And  default  to  the min/avg/max values. (legacy

       -t timelimit
               設定測試的時間的長短,使用這個選項ab將自動設定 測試請求會話數目為50000,然後以你設
              定的時間為 固定週期.預設狀態下是沒有時限的,也就是直到完成 你所設定的請求數目為止.

       -T content-type

       -v verbosity
              設定冗餘級別,4級打印出每個請求標頭的詳細資訊, 3級打印出回應程式碼(例如,404,200),2級
              打印出警告 資訊和指示訊息

       -V     顯示版本號並且退出

       -w     列印輸出結果到HTML表中. 預設的表是兩列n行白底黑框

       -x <table>-attributes
              使用字串來描述表的屬性,該屬性字串應該插入到<table 這裡 >

       -X proxy[:port]
              Use a proxy server for the requests.

       -y <tr>-attributes
              用於生成html表格每行的屬性名 (<tr>)

       -z <td>-attributes
              用於生成html表格每列的屬性名 (<td>)


       There are various statically declared buffers of fixed  length.  Combined  with  the  lazy
       parsing  of  the  command  line  arguments, the response headers from the server and other
       external inputs, this might bite you.

       It does not implement HTTP/1.x fully; only accepts some 'expected' forms of responses. The
       rather  heavy use of strstr(3) shows up top in profile, which might indicate a performance
       problem; i.e., you would measure the ab performance rather than the server's.




       trcbilg <email>




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