Provided by: pnscan_1.14.1-2_amd64 bug


       pnscan - multi threaded port scanning tool


       pnscan [ options]  [ <CIDR | host-range> <port-range>]

       pnscan [ options]  [ <port>]


       This manual page documents briefly the pnscan command.

       pnscan is a tool that can be used to survey TCP network services.

       When  used  with  two  command line arguments it will scan the indicated network/hosts and
       ports. When used without arguments or just one then it  will  read  hostname/IP  addresses
       from  stdin  and  probe those. The single port/service argument is used as a default if no
       port is indicated on stdin

       For example, it can be used to survey the installed versions of SSH, FTP, SMTP, Web, IDENT
       and possibly other services.

       This  program  implements  a  multithreaded  TCP  port  scanner.  More information and new
       relaseses may be found at:


       -h     Show summary of options.

       -v     Be verbose.

       -V     Print version.

       -d     Print internal debugging info.

       -s     Lookup and print hostnames. This will slow down the scan considerably.

       -S     Enable shutdown mode. With this  enabled  pnscan  will  call  shutdown(2)  with  an
              argument  of  1 in order to half-close the TCP connection after any -w/-W arguments
              has been transmitted.  The default is to wait for the remote party to close its end
              first (or until enough bytes has been received).

       -l     Line  oriented output. This option will cause pnscan to try to locate the beginning
              of a line when a match (-r/-R) has been found,  and  only  print  up  to  the  last
              byte/character on that line.

              Request  string to send. Please note that you must send any needed CR/LF characters
              as needed by the protocol since the string specified is sent as  is  (after  escape
              characters has been decoded).

              Response string to look for.

       -W<hex list>
              Hex coded request string to send.

       -R<hex list>
              Hex coded response string to look for.

              Max bytes of response to print.

              Connect/Write/Read timeout.

              Maximum concurrent worker threads to start.




       pnscan was written by Peter Eriksson <>.

                                          27 March 2002                                 PNSCAN(1)