Provided by: rox-filer_2.11-7_amd64 bug


       ROX-Filer - a simple graphical file manager


       rox [OPTION]... [FILE]...


       ROX-Filer is a simple and easy to use graphical file manager for X11, the windowing system
       used on Unix and Unix-like operating systems.

       It is also the core component of the ROX Desktop:

       Invoking rox opens each directory or file listed, or the current working directory  if  no
       arguments are given.


       -b, --border=PANEL
              open PANEL.

       -B, --bottom=PANEL
              open PANEL as a bottom-edge panel.

       -c, --client-id=ID
              used for session management.

       -d, --dir=DIR
              open DIR as directory (not as an application, even if it looks like one).

       -D, --close=DIR
              close DIR and all its subdirectories.

       -h, --help
              display help about the various options.

       -l, --left=PANEL
              open PANEL as a left-edge panel.

       -m, --mime-type=FILE
              print MIME type of FILE and exit.

       -n, --new
              start a new filer, even if one already seems to be
                    running. This also prevents the filer from forking (running in the
                    background). This option is mainly useful for debugging.

       -p, --pinboard=PIN
              use pinboard PIN as the pinboard.

       -r, --right=PANEL
              open PANEL as a right-edge panel.

       -R, --RPC
              read and invoke SOAP RPC from standard input (see the manual).

       -s, --show=FILE
              open a directory showing FILE.

       -S, --rox-session
              run by session manager, open the default panel and pinboard (implies --new).  If an
              XSM session manager is running and this option is used then ROX-Filer will  ask  to
              be automatically restarted if it crashes.

       -t, --top=PANEL
              open PANEL as a top-edge panel.

       -u, --user
              show user name in each window.

       -U, --url=URI
              run  URI  as a file or directory. If URI is a file: url and refers to a file on the
              local machine then it is converted to a local file name:   rox  -U  file:///tmp  is
              equivalent  to  rox  /tmp.   If the URI is some other scheme the shared URI handler
              configuration is consulted to run it.

       -v, --version
              display the version information and exit.

       -x, --examine=FILE
              FILE has changed; re-examine it.


       The main documentation for ROX-Filer is available by choosing Show  Help  Files  from  the
       popup menu, or by clicking on the right-most toolbar icon.


       Copyright (C) 2004 Thomas Leonard.

       You  may  redistribute  copies  of  ROX-Filer  under  the  terms of the GNU General Public


       Please report bugs to the developer mailing list:


       ROX-Filer was created by Thomas Leonard, with help from:

       Michael Adams,  Christopher  Arndt,  Jens  Askengren,  Liav  Asseraf,  Wilbert  Berendsen,
       Francesco  Bochicchio,  Yuri  Bongiorno,  Andrzej Borsuk, Richard Boulton, Simon Britnell,
       Arnaud Calvo, Babyfai Cheung, Andrew  Clover,  Fabien  Coutant,  Couderc  Damien,  Andreas
       Dehmel,  Micah  Dowty,  Dmitry  Elfimov, Mattias Engdegard, Andrew Flegg, Olivier Fourdan,
       Eric Gillespie, Thierry Godefroy, Olli Helenius,  Alex  Holden,  Jasper  Huijsmans,  Sigve
       Indregard,  Bernard  Jungen,  Marcin  Juszkiewicz,  James  Kermode,  Jim Knoble, Krzysztof
       Krzyzaniak, Aaron Kurtz,  Vincent  Ledda,  Vincent  Lefevre,  Victor  Liu  See-le,  Alexey
       Lubimov,  Krzysztof  Luks, Marcus Lundblad, Anders Lundmark, Jose Romildo Malaquias, Denis
       Manente, Brendan McCarthy,  Andras  Mohari,  Christiansen  Merel,  Jimmy  Olgeni,  Richard
       Olsson,  Matthew  O'Phinney,  Daniele  Peri,  Andy  Piper, Marcelo Ramos, Michel Alexandre
       Salim, Adam Sampson, Chris Sawer, Christian Storgaard, Taras, Simon Truss,  Hirosi  Utumi,
       Jan Wagemakers, Keith Warno, Götz Waschk, Stephen Watson, Andre Wyrwa, Geoff Youngs, Diego

       and many others; the Changes file contains more detailed information!