Provided by: tuned_2.21.0-1ubuntu2_all bug


       tuned-adm - command line tool for switching between different tuning profiles


       tuned-adm  [list  |  active  |  profile  [profile]...  | profile_info [profile]... | off |
       auto_profile | profile_mode | verify [-i | --ignore-missing] | recommend]


       This command line utility allows you to switch between  user  definable  tuning  profiles.
       Several  predefined  profiles  are already included. You can even create your own profile,
       either based on one of the existing ones by copying it or make a completely new  one.  The
       distribution  provided  profiles are stored in subdirectories below /usr/lib/tuned and the
       user defined profiles in subdirectories below /etc/tuned. If there are profiles  with  the
       same name in both places, user defined profiles have precedence.


       list   List all available profiles.

              profiles List all available profiles.

              plugins List all available plugins.

                     -v, --verbose List plugin's configuration options and their hints.

       active Show current active profile.

       profile [PROFILE_NAME]...
              Switches  to the given profile. If more than one profile is given, the profiles are
              merged (in case of conflicting settings, the setting from the last profile is used)
              and  the  resulting  profile is applied. If no profile is given, then all available
              profiles are listed. If the profile given is  not  valid,  the  command  gracefully
              exits without performing any operation.

       profile_info [PROFILE_NAME]...
              Show  information/description  of given profile or current profile if no profile is

       verify  [-i | --ignore-missing]
              Verifies current profile  against  system  settings.  Outputs  information  whether
              system settings match current profile or not (e.g. somebody modified a sysfs/sysctl
              value by hand). Detailed information about what is checked, what value is  set  and
              what  value is expected can be found in the log. With the -i or --ignore-missing it
              does not treat missing tuning (tuning unsupported by the platform) as error.

              Recommend a profile suitable for your system. Currently only  static  detection  is
              implemented - it decides according to data in /etc/system-release-cpe and virt-what
              output.   The   rules   for    autodetection    are    defined    in    the    file
              /usr/lib/tuned/recommend.d/50-tuned.conf.  The  default  rules  recommend  profiles
              targeted to the best performance, or the balanced profile if unsure.

              The default  rules  can  be  overridden  by  the  user  by  putting  a  file  named
              recommend.conf into /etc/tuned, or by creating a file in the /etc/tuned/recommend.d
              directory. The file /etc/tuned/recommend.conf is evaluated first. If  no  match  is
              found,  the files in the /etc/tuned/recommend.d directory are merged with the files
              in the /usr/lib/tuned/recommend.d directory (if there is a file with the same  name
              in both directories, the one from /etc/tuned/recommend.d is used) and the files are
              evaluated in alphabetical order. The first matching entry is used.

              Enable automatic profile selection mode, switch to the recommended profile.

              Show current profile selection mode.

       off    Unload tunings.




       tuned(8) tuned.conf(5)  tuned-profiles(7)  tuned-profiles-atomic(7)  tuned-profiles-sap(7)
       tuned-profiles-sap-hana(7)         tuned-profiles-mssql(7)        tuned-profiles-oracle(7)
       tuned-profiles-realtime(7)     tuned-profiles-nfv-host(7)      tuned-profiles-nfv-guest(7)
       tuned-profiles-cpu-partitioning(7)  tuned-profiles-compat(7)  tuned-profiles-postgresql(7)
       tuned-profiles-openshift(7) tuned-profiles-spectrumscale-ece(7)


       Jaroslav Škarvada <>
       Jan Kaluža <>
       Jan Včelák <>
       Marcela Mašláňová <>
       Phil Knirsch <>