Provided by: dnet-progs_2.58ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       phone - Phone utility for DECnet


       phone [options]
       [-vVh] [-s switchhook char] [initial command]


       phone  is  a  program  that allows the user to communicate interactively with users on VMS
       systems. Two user interfaces are available: X-Windows (GTK+) and terminal (ncurses). If X-
       Windows  is  available  and compiled into phone then it will be used unless the -n flag is
       present on the command line.
       After entering the phone command you will be presented with the  phone  screen  which  has
       windows for the chat and a command-line at the top. If you are not talking to another user
       then you can enter commands directly, otherwise you will need to precede commands with the
       'switch hook' character, which defaults to the percent sign (%).
       You  can  also  enter  a command for phone on the shell command-line. This command will be
       executed when phone starts up. This makes it convenient to enter commands such as:
        'phone answer' or 'phone marsha::chrissie'

       In command mode phone understands several commands:

       DIAL <node::user>     Call a user
       ANSWER                Answer an incoming call
       REJECT                Reject an incoming call
       EXIT or QUIT          Return the the command prompt
       HOLD                  Hold all callers
       UNHOLD                Unhold callers
       HANGUP                Hangup the phone
       DIR <node>            Show users logged into <node>
       FACSIMILE <file>      Send <file>
       HELP                  Show this help

       All commands (apart from QUIT and EXIT) can be abbreviated to 3 characters and all (really
       all this time) commands are case insensitive.


       -h -?  Displays help for using the command.

       -V     Show the version of phone.

       -s     Set the switch hook character. This is the character used to switch from talking to
              another user and entering PHONE commands when using the terminal interface.x

       -n     Disables use of the X-windows user interface. Use this to run phone in an xterm.