Provided by: retty_1.0-2ubuntu1_i386 bug


       retty - Attach process running on another terminal


       retty [-v] [-h] [-0 fd] [-1 fd] [-2 fd] PID


       retty  is  a  simple  tool  which will let you attach process currently
       running on another terminal. Unlike screen, you need to make no special
       provisions  in  advance  -  just  get  the  process'  pid and attach it

       Non-violently killing retty should provide for a proper detach -  after
       that,  the process can be used on the original terminal again (multiple
       subsequent retty attachments of a single process are possible, but  the
       process does I/O only on the last one).

       You  can  also use escape sequences to detach a process and possibly do
       other things. The escape character is "`" (lowercase of "~")  and  "`h"
       will  give  you list of possible escape sequences. The escape character
       must be immediately preceded by an enter.

       By default, retty attaches file descriptors 0, 1 and 2 of process. That
       should  be  enough in most cases, but will not do in some special ones.
       In such case, you have to  check  /proc/<PID>/fd  and  force  retty  to
       attach correct file descriptors instead.


       -v     Display version information.

       -h     Display usage information.

       -0 fd  Specify  file  descriptor that process we want to attach uses as
              input.  Default value is 0 (stdin).

       -1 fd  Specify file descriptor that process we want to attach  uses  as
              output.  Default value is 1 (stdout).

       -2 fd  Specify  file descriptor that process we want to attach uses for
              error outputs. Default value is 2 (stderr).

       PID    PID of process that we want  to  attach.  If  retty  is  run  as
              ordinary  user, it can attach only processes owned by that user.
              If run as root, retty can attach probably anything  (not  always
              good idea).


       ·      retty is x86-specific and works only on Linux.

       ·      The  attached  process'  controlling  terminal  is  not switched
              appropriately, which causes many funny effects (e.g.   mutt  not
              properly  adjusting  for your window size, but this can be fixed
              by going into  editor  and  back),  annoying  bugs  (ctrl+c  not
              delivered  properly)  and  totally  breaking  attaching for some
              applications (OpenSSH).

       ·      If you attach bash it  imagines  EOF  on  stdin.  Attaching  and
              detaching  multiple  times  without any activity in the meantime
              will cause it to die.

       ·      Attempts to attach less just  don't  work  even  with  input  fd
              override.  This  might  or  might  not  be  fixed in the future,
              depending on cause (which is unknown now).



                                  2006-08-14                          RETTY(1)