Provided by: virtualbox-fuse_4.1.12-dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       vdfuse - x86 virtualization solution


       DESCRIPTION:  This  Fuse  module  uses  the VirtualBox access library to open a VirtualBox
       supported VD image file and mount it as a Fuse file system.  The mount  point  contains  a
       flat  directory containing the files EntireDisk, Partition1 .. PartitionN.  These can then
       be loop mounted to access the underlying file systems

       USAGE: vdfuse [options] -f image-file mountpoint

       -h     help

       -r     readonly

       -t     specify type (VDI, VMDK, VHD, or raw; default: auto)

       -f     VDimage file

       -a     allow all users to read disk

       -w     allow all users to read and write to disk

       -g     run in foreground

       -v     verbose

       -d     debug

       NOTE: you must add the line "user_allow_other" (without quotes) to  /etc/fuse.confand  set
       proper permissions on /etc/fuse.conf for this to work.