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       ibus-table-createdb - create ibus-table database from table source


       ibus-table-createdb  [   [  -n  name  ]   [ --name name ]  ]  [  [ -s source ]  [ --source
       source ]  ]  [  [ -e extra ]  [ --extra extra ]  ]  [  [ -p pinyin ]  [ --pinyin pinyin  ]
       ]  [ -o ]  [ --no-create-index ]  [ -i ]  [ --create-index-only ]  [ -d ]  [ --debug ]


       ibus-table-createdb creates a database for ibus-table from a source table.


       This  program  follows  the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with
       two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below.

       -n     database-file specifies the file which will contain the  binary  database  for  the
              IME. The default is ''.

       -s     source-file specifies the file which contains the source of the IME. The default is

       -e     extra-words-file specifies the file for the extra words for the IME. The default is

       -p     pinyin-file   specifies   the   source   file   for  the  pinyin.  The  default  is

       -o     Do not create an index for for a database (Only for distribution purposes, a normal
              user should not use this flag!)

       -i     Only create an index for an existing database.

       -d     Print extra debug messages.


       ibus-table-createdb -n ipa-x-sampa.db -s ipa-x-sampa.txt
              Create  the  binary  database  ``ipa-x-sampa.db''  from  the  source  file ``ipa-x-

       ibus-table-createdb -i -n ipa-x-sampa.db
              Create an index for the database ``ipa-x-sampa.db''.


       This manual page was written by Mike FABIAN <>.

                                           Apr 18, 2013                    IBUS-TABLE-CREATEDB(1)