Provided by: saidar_0.90-1.1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       saidar - a curses-based tool for viewing system statistics


       saidar [-d delay] [-c] [-v] [-h]


       saidar  is  a  curses-based  tool  for  viewing  the  system  statistics available through
       libstatgrab. Statistics include CPU, processes, load, memory, swap, network I/O, disk I/O,
       and file system information.


       The following options are supported.

       -d DELAY
              Wait DELAY seconds between updates (default 3)

       -c     Enables coloured output

       -v     Prints the version number

       -h     Display help and exits


       When  the  -c  option  is  used  saidar  uses colours to display the data. Each area has a
       different colour to distinguish it from the nearby fields. Bold and reverse video  effects
       are used to emphasis fields where necessary.

       The  load  average  figures  are  displayed  in bold when they're notably (greater that 1)
       different to each other. This purely shows that a change in the load is occurring.

       When CPU usage goes over 60% it will be displayed in bold.  At 90% the field is  displayed
       using  reverse  video.  Likewise  for  memory,  swap and disk usage at 75% and 90%. Zombie
       processes are also highlighted.

       Other values (paging, disk I/O and network I/O) are not highlighted due to the  nature  of
       the values; it's not easy to determine what thresholds are significant.


       statgrab(1) statgrab(3)


       This  man  page  was  derived  from  the man page written by Bartosz Fenski for the Debian
       GNU/Linux distribution.