Provided by: xlhtml_0.5.1-6ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       xlhtml - A program for converting Microsoft Excel Files .xls


       xlhtml  [-a]  [-asc] [-csv] [-xml] [-bcNNNNNN] [-bi/path] [-c] [-dp] [-v] [-fw] [-m] [-nc]
       [-nh] [-tcNNNNNN] [-te] [-xc:N-N] [-xp:N] [-xr:N-N] FILE


       This manual page explains the xlhtml program.  The  program  xlhtml  is  used  to  convert
       Microsoft  Excel  Spreadsheet  files into either html or tab delimitted ASCII. The program
       can be interfaced with helper scripts for viewing email  attachments.  Most  use  of  this
       program  is  through  the helper scripts and one would probably rarely resort to using the
       commandline interface.


       -a     aggressively optimize html by removing </TR> </TD> or VALIGN="bottom".  Some  older
              browsers may not display properly in this mode.

       -asc   Ascii out of -dp and extraction data (-xc, -xp, -xr)

       -csv   Output in Comma Separated Values of -dp and extraction data (-xc, -xp, -xr)

       -xml   Output in XML of -dp and extraction data (-xc, -xp, -xr)

       -bc    Override the background color. e.g. -bc808080     for gray

       -bi    Use background image. e.g. -bi/home/httpd/icon/tar.gif

       -c     Centers the tables horizontally

       -dp    Dump page count and max columns and rows per page

       -v     Prints program version

       -fw    suppress formula warnings about accuracy

       -m     No encoding for multibyte

       -nc    tells it not to colorize the output.

       -nh    Suppress header and body tags in html output

       -tc    Override the text color. e.g. -tcFF0000     for red

       -te    Trims empty rows & columns at the edges of a worksheet

       -xc    Columns (separated by a dash) for extraction (zero based)

       -xp    Page for extraction (zero based), one page only

       -xr    Rows (separated by a dash) to be extracted (zero based)

       An  example  of  the  extraction  command  line  is: xlhtml -fw -asc -xp:0 -xr:2-6 -xc:0-1

       The extraction output is: Formatted output of cells  by  column  left  to  right,  columns
       separated by a tab, end of row is: 0x0A, end of file: \n\n


       Steve Grubb, Charles N Wyble