Provided by: apt-clone_0.3.1~ubuntu11.1_all bug


       apt-clone - manual page for apt-clone 0.2


       usage: apt-clone [-h] [--debug] {info,clone,restore,restore-new-distro} ...

       Clone/restore package info of a debian based system or chroot environment.

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show  help message for apt-clone. Alternatively --help will output command specific
              help for any of the {info,clone,restore,restore-new-distro} commands.

              enable debug output


       info   Show info about a apt-clone archive.

       clone  Create a clone-file into <destination>. A alternative source dir can  be  specified
              with --source.

              Restore  a  clone  file  from <source>. A alternative destination can be given with

              Restore a clone file from <source> to <destination> and  try  upgrading  along  the
              way.  this can be used so that the current release is cloned, a new install is done
              and then the old clone is installed.