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       cpupower - Shows and sets processor power related values


       cpupower [ -c cpulist ] <command> [ARGS]

       cpupower -v|--version

       cpupower -h|--help


       cpupower   is  a  collection of tools to examine and tune power saving related features of
       your processor.

       The manpages of the commands  (cpupower-<command>(1))  provide  detailed  descriptions  of
       supported features. Run cpupower help to get an overview of supported commands.


       --help, -h
           Shows supported commands and general usage.

       --cpu cpulist,  -c cpulist
           Only  show  or  set  values  for  specific cores.  This option is not supported by all
           commands, details can be found in the manpages of the commands.

           Some commands access all cores (typically the *-set commands),  some  only  the  first
           core (typically the *-info commands) by default.

           The  syntax  for  <cpulist>  is based on how the kernel exports CPU bitmasks via sysfs
           files. Some examples:

               Input           Equivalent to

               all             all cores

               0-3             0,1,2,3

               0-7:2           0,2,4,6

               1,3,5-7         1,3,5,6,7

               0-3:2,8-15:4    0,2,8,12

       --version,  -v
           Print the package name and version number.


       cpupower-set(1), cpupower-info(1), cpupower-idle(1), cpupower-frequency-set(1),  cpupower-
       frequency-info(1), cpupower-monitor(1), powertop(1)


       --perf-bias parts written by Len Brown <>
       Thomas Renninger <>

                                            07/03/2011                                CPUPOWER(1)