Provided by: f3_2.2-2_amd64 bug


       f3write, f3read - test real flash memory capacity


       f3write [--start-at=NUM] <PATH>
       f3read  [--start-at=NUM] <PATH>


       F3  (Fight Flash Fraud or Fight Fake Flash) tests the full capacity of a flash card (flash
       drive, flash disk, pendrive). It writes to the card and then checks if  can  read  it.  It
       will assure you haven't been sold a card with a smaller capacity than stated.

       When  writing  to  flash  drive,  f3write fills the filesystem with 1GB files named N.fff,
       where N is a number (i.e. /[0-9]+/).

       WARNING: all data on the tested disk will be lost!!!


              Initial number to files names. Default value is 1.


       To write over a flash drive mounted at /media/TEST:

             $ f3write /media/TEST

       To read this flash drive:

             $ f3read /media/TEST


       f3 was written by Digirati <>.  This manual  page  was  written  by
       Joao  Eriberto  Mota  Filho  <> for the Debian project (but may be
       used by others).