Provided by: mupdf-tools_1.3-2_amd64 bug


       mudraw - render PDF/XPS/CBZ documents


       mudraw [options] input.{pdf,xps,cbz} [pages]


       mudraw  will  render  a  document  of  a  supported  document  format to image files.  The
       supported document formats are: pdf, xps and cbz.  The supported image formats  are:  pgm,
       ppm, pam and png.  Select the pages to be rendered by specifying a comma separated list of
       ranges and individual page numbers (for example: 1,5,10-15).  In no  pages  are  specified
       all the pages will be rendered.


       -o output
              The  image  format  is  deduced from the output file name.  Embed %d in the name to
              indicate the page number (for example: "page%d.png").

       -p password
              Use the specified password if the file is encrypted.

       -r resolution
              Render the page at the specified resolution.  The default resolution is 72 dpi.

       -w width
              Render the page at the specified width (or, if the -r flag is used, render  with  a
              maximum width).

       -h height
              Render  the page at the specified height (or, if the -r flag is used, render with a
              maximum height).

       -f     `FitĀ“ exactly; ignore the aspect ratio when matching specified width/heights.

       -R angle
              Rotate clockwise by given number of degrees.

       -a     Save the alpha channel.  The default behavior is to render each page with  a  white
              background.   With this option, the page background is transparent.  Only supported
              for pam and png output formats.

       -g     Render in grayscale.  The default is to render a full  color  RGB  image.   If  the
              output format is pgm or ppm this option is ignored.

       -m     Show  timing information.  Take the time it takes for each page to render and print
              a summary at the end.

       -5     Print an MD5 checksum of the rendered image data for each page.

       -t     Print the text contents of each page in UTF-8 encoding.  Give the option  twice  to
              print detailed information about the location of each character in XML format.

       -x     Print the display list used to render each page.

       -A     Disable the use of accelerated functions.

       -G gamma
              Gamma  correct  the  output  image.   Some typical values are 0.7 or 1.4 to thin or
              darken text rendering.

       -I     Invert the output image colors.

       pages  Comma separated list of ranges to render.


       mupdf(1), mutool(1).


       MuPDF is Copyright 2006-2013 Artifex Software, Inc.

                                          July 25, 2013                                 MUDRAW(1)