Provided by: thinkfan_0.8.1-1_amd64 bug


       thinkfan - A simple fan control program


       thinkfan [-hnqzD [-b BIAS] [-c CONFIG] [-s SECONDS] [-p [DELAY]]]


       Thinkfan  can  use  temperature inputs and one PWM control file in /sys/class/hwmon or the
       Thinkpad-specific thinkpad_acpi interface in /proc/acpi/ibm. If nothing is  specified,  it
       tries to use /proc/acpi/ibm.

       WARNING:  This  program  does  only  very basic sanity checking on the configuration. That
              means that you can set your temperature limits as insane as you like.

       Thinkfan has two modes of operation:

       In simple mode, it uses only the highest temperature found in  the  system.  That  may  be
       dangerous,  e.g.  for  hard disks.  That's why you should provide a correction value (i.e.
       add 10-15 \[u00B0]C) for the sensor that  has  the  temperature  of  your  hard  disk  (or
       battery...). See the example config files for details about that.

       In  complex  mode,  temperature  limits  are defined for each sensor thinkfan knows about.
       Setting suitable limits for each sensor in your system will  probably  require  a  bit  of
       experimentation and good knowledge about your hardware, but it's the safest way of keeping
       each     component     within     its      specified      temperature      range.      See  for  details  on which sensor measures what
       temperature in a Thinkpad. On other systems you'll have to find out on your own.  See  the
       example configs to learn about the syntax.


       Some   example   configurations  are  provided  with  the  source  package.  For  detailed
       explanations please read the README file. If you installed thinkfan  from  a  distribution
       package,  you  may  find  them  under /usr/share/doc or wherever your package manager puts


       -h     Show a short help message

       -s     Maximum seconds between temperature updates (default: 5)

       -b     Floating point number (0 ~ 20) to  control  rising  temperature  exaggeration  (see
              README for why this is needed). Default 5.0

       -c     Load different configuration file (default: /etc/thinkfan.conf)

       -n     Do not become a daemon, log to both terminal and syslog

       -q     Be quiet (no status info on terminal)

       -z     Assume  we  don't  have  to  worry about resuming from standby when using the sysfs
              interface (see README!)

       -p     Use the pulsing-fan workaround (for older Thinkpads). Takes an  optional  floating-
              point argument (0-10s) as depulsing duration. Default 0.5s.

       -D     DANGEROUS mode: Disable all sanity checks. May damage your hardware!!


       If  you  have  any  problems  with  thinkfan,  please  go  to  the  help  forum at