Provided by: java-common_0.51_all bug


       update-java-alternatives - update alternatives for jre/sdk installations


       update-java-alternatives [--jre] [--plugin] [-t|--test|-v|--verbose]
             -l|--list [<jname>]
             -s|--set <jname>


       update-java-alternatives  updates all alternatives belonging to one runtime or development
       kit for the Java language.  A package does provide these information of it's  alternatives
       in /usr/lib/jvm/.<jname>.jinfo.


       -l|--list [<jname>]
              List  all installed packages (or just <jname>) providing information to set a bunch
              of java alternatives.  Verbose  output  shows  each  alternative  provided  by  the

              Switch all alternatives of registered jre/sdk installations to automatic mode.

       -s|--set <jname>
              Set  all  alternatives  of  the registered jre/sdk installation to the program path
              provided by the <jname> installation.

       --jre  Limit  the  actions  to  alternatives  belong  to  a  runtime  environment,  not  a
              development kit.

              Limit  the  actions  to  alternatives  belong  to  the  headless  part of a runtime

              Limit the actions to alternatives providing browser plugins.

              Display a help message.

              Don't actually do anything, just say what would be done.  The implementation status
              of this option is the same as for update-alternatives (not implemented).

              Verbose output.


              A  text  file  describing a jre/sdk installation. Consists of some variables of the
              form <var>=<value> and a list of alternatives of the form jre|jdk <name> <path>.


       update-java-alternatives  and  this  manual   page   was   written   by   Matthias   Klose

                                             May 2006                 UPDATE-JAVA-ALTERNATIVES(8)