Provided by: util-linux_2.20.1-5.1ubuntu20_amd64 bug


       wipefs - wipe a filesystem signature from a device


       wipefs [-ahnpV] [-o offset] device


       wipefs  can  erase filesystem or raid signatures (magic strings) from the specified device
       to make the filesystem invisible for libblkid.   wipefs  does  not  erase  the  filesystem
       itself  nor  any other data from the device.  When used without options -a or -o, it lists
       all visible filesystems and the offsets of their signatures.


       -a, --all
              Erase all available signatures.

       -h, --help
              Print help and exit.

       -n, --no-act
              Causes everything to be done except for the write() call.

       -o, --offset offset
              Specify the location (in bytes) of the signature which should be  erased  from  the
              device.   The  offset  number  may  include  a "0x" prefix; then the number will be
              interpreted as a hex value.  It is possible to specify multiple -o options.

              The offset argument may be followed by binary (2^N) suffixes KiB,  MiB,  GiB,  TiB,
              PiB  and  EiB  (the  "iB"  is  optional, e.g. "K" has the same meaning as "KiB") or
              decimal (10^N) suffixes KB, MB, GB, PB and EB.

       -p, --parsable
              Print out in parsable instead of printable format.  Encode all  potentially  unsafe
              characters of a string to the corresponding hex value prefixed by '\x'.

       -V, --version
              Output version information and exit.


       Karel Zak <>.


       The   wipefs   command   is   part  of  the  util-linux  package  and  is  available  from


       blkid(8) findfs(8)