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       fltk - the fast light tool kit


       The  Fast Light Tool Kit ("FLTK", pronounced "fulltick") is a C++ graphical user interface
       toolkit for the  X  Window  System,  MacOS(r),  and  Microsoft  Windows(r)  that  supports
       OpenGL(r).  It was originally developed by Mr. Bill Spitzak and is currently maintained by
       a small group of developers across the world with a central repository in the US.

       FLTK is provides under the terms of the GNU  Library  General  Public  License,  with  the
       following exceptions:

              1. Modifications to the FLTK configure script, config header file, and makefiles by
              themselves to  support  a  specific  platform  do  not  constitute  a  modified  or
              derivative work.

              The authors do request that such modifications be contributed to the FLTK project -
              send all contributions through the "Software Trouble Report" on the following page:


              2. Widgets that are subclassed from FLTK widgets do  not  constitute  a  derivative

              3.  Static  linking  of  applications  and  widgets  to  the  FLTK library does not
              constitute a derivative work and does not require the author to provide source code
              for  the  application  or  widget,  use  the  shared  FLTK libraries, or link their
              applications or widgets against a user-supplied version of FLTK.

              If you link the application or widget to a  modified  version  of  FLTK,  then  the
              changes  to FLTK must be provided under the terms of the LGPL in sections 1, 2, and

              4. You do not have to provide a copy of the FLTK license  with  programs  that  are
              linked  to  the  FLTK library, nor do you have to identify the FLTK license in your
              program or documentation as required by section 6 of the LGPL.

              However, programs must still identify their use  of  FLTK.  The  following  example
              statement can be included in user documentation to satisfy this requirement:

              [program/widget]   is   based   in   part   on   the   work  of  the  FLTK  project


       fltk-config(1), fluid(1)
       FLTK Programming Manual
       FLTK Web Site,


       Bill Spitzak and others.