Provided by: armagetronad-dedicated_0. bug


       armagetronad-dedicated - an Armagetron Advanced dedicated game server


       /etc/init.d/armagetronad-dedicated start|stop|restart|force-reload|status

       armagetronad-dedicated  [-h, --help] [-v, --version] [--doc] [--fastforward] [--benchmark]
       [--record] [--playback]


       The Armagetron Advanced dedicated server runs from an initscript -- to enable  running  it
       on boot, edit /etc/default/armagetronad-dedicated.

       The       server       program       will       read       default      settings      from
       /etc/armagetronad/settings_dedicated.cfg. Modifications and custom server settings  should
       be implemented in the file /etc/armagetronad/settings_custom.cfg.

       To  edit  configuration  on-the-fly or make time-sensitive temporary changes, it's best to
       log onto the server from the armagetronad client and log on as an administrator (using the
       password set in the server configuration). Console input is not available when running the
       server as a daemon.

       Before each round is started, the file /etc/armagetronad/everytime.cfg is read; it may  be
       useful  to  use  this  for  things  like  randomly changing maps or other quickly changing


       Note: Only options that are relevant for invoking  armagetron-dedicated  via  the  command
       line (and not the initscript) are documented here. See armagetronad-dedicated --help for a
       complete reference.

       -h, --help
                 Show help message.

       -v, --version
                 Print version number.

       --doc     Print documentation for all  console  commands.  These  are  also  configuration
                 settings for config files.

       --fastforward TIME
                 Lets time run very fast until the given time is reached.

                 Renders frames as they were recorded.

       --record FILENAME
                 Creates a DEBUG recording while running.

       --playback FILENAME
                 Plays back a DEBUG recording.





       Armagetron   Advanced  is  documented  fully  by  the  provided  HTML  docs,  found  under

       A thorough guide to running a server  can  be  found  on  the  Armagetron  Advanced  wiki:
       http:wiki.armagetronad.netindex.phpServer_Administration_Guide                        and:


       Armagetron Advanced was written  by  Manuel  Moos  <>  and  the
       Armagetron Advanced development team.

       This  manual  page  was  adapted  from  the  original  HTML version by Marcelo E. Magallon
       <>  (and  later  Christine  Spang  <>),  for  the   Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                        February 08, 2007               ARMAGETRONAD-DEDICATED(6)