Provided by: bambam_0.5+dfsg-0.1_all bug


       bambam - a keyboard mashing and doodling game for babies


       bambam [OPTIONS]


       -u, --uppercase
              Whether to show UPPER-CASE letters.

              List sound filename patterns to never play.

       bambam  is  a  keyboard and mouse game for babies written in Python.  Pressing letter keys
       prints them in random locations and colours.  Pressing any other key draws little pictures
       in  random  locations.   Dragging  the  mouse  while  the mouse button is pressed draws in
       randomly changing colours.  The screen is cleared at random.


       To quit, type quit in the game.  To turn the sound off  and  on,  type  mute  and  unmute,
       respectively, in the game.


       Spike Burch <>  Marcin Owsiany <>