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       Childsplay - Educational games for young children.


       childsplay [options]


       Childsplay is a suite of educational games for young children; it is a fun and save way to
       let young children use the computer and at the same time teach them a little math, letters
       of the alphabeth, spelling, eye-hand coordination etc.


              show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

              Don't  show login window. This will run schoolsplay in 'anonymous' mode which means
              that there will be no data collecting

              Enable kioskmode. This will run schoolsplay in kioskmode  which  means  that  there
              will be no keyboard support.

              (NOT USED YET)The ip nummer of the remote mySQL server.

       -t THEME, --theme=THEME
              Set the theme schoolsplay will use.

       -l LOGLEVEL, --loglevel=LOGLEVEL
              Set logging level. Possible values are: debug,info,warning,error,critical

              Enable  adminmode.  This will run schoolsplay in adminmode which means that certain
              extra possibilities are enabled

              Disable any sound. Be aware that certain activities that rely on sound won't start.

              Disable text before every level's activities.

              Set the language schoolsplay should use.  Be  aware  that  not  all  languages  are
              supported  yet.  If  your language isn't supported and you want to provide language
              support,please contact the schoolsplay team.

              Set the default language. Only use this if you know why you want to use it.

              Run schoolsplay in fullscreen mode.

              Use a bigger (48x48) cursor.

              Hide the mouse cursor. This is intended for touchscreens

              No 'are you sure?' questions will be asked

              No '4,3,2,1' countdown screen will displayed between levels

              Set the username to be used for dbase actions

              Don't show graphics and don't play a sound between levels.

              Check the SP log for anomalies in the logs.

              When running on wellknown crapware like the white MSI 1900 set this option  and  we
              try to work around the various OS/hardware bugs.

              Return the version number in a plain string

              If  we  should kill any running btp, a pid must be given. BTP is started again when
              childsplay quits.  (ONLY available on BTP machines)

              If we killed any running btp, we use this to start BTP again when childsplay quits.
              (ONLY available on BTP machines)


       This manpage was written for the debian package using help2man as a starting point.

       For more documentation about the project go to