Provided by: darkplaces-server_0~20140513+svn12208-2build1_amd64 bug


       darkplaces-server - an engine for iD software's Quake and related games


       darkplaces-server [ -options ] [ +set cvar value ] [ +console commands ]


       DarkPlaces  is  an  engine  for Quake and related games, with greatly enhanced effects and
       lighting and many features for mods.  darkplaces-server is the dedicated-server version of
       DarkPlaces, with fewer dependencies.


       This  program  follows the Quake convention, with long options starting with a single dash
       (`-').  Options include:

              Specify the location of the game data files.

       -game  Start the game using the files from a mission pack or a mod.

              Start the game with the Hipnotic mission pack.

       -rogue Start the game with the Rogue mission pack.

              Expect the basedir to contain the standalone game Nexuiz, instead of Quake.

       Various other mods and standalone  games  are  supported,  see  /usr/share/doc/darkplaces-


       DarkPlaces  was based on Quake by id Software, and is maintained by LordHavoc and numerous

       This manual page was  written  by  David  Banks  <>  and  Simon  McVittie
       <> for the Debian project, and may be used by others.

                                            2011-06-06                              DARKPLACES(6)