Provided by: dreamchess_0.2.1-RC2-2_amd64 bug


       dreamchess - User interface for XBoard-compatible chess engines


       dreamchess [options]


       DreamChess  is a user interface for XBoard-compatible chess engines. DreamChess comes with
       its own simple engine called Dreamer, but you can use stronger engines such as  GNU  Chess
       or Crafty.


       --help, -h
              Show help and exit.

       --list-drivers, -l
              List all available drivers.

       --ui driver, -udriver
              Specifies  which  user interface driver should be used. User interface drivers take
              care of both display output and user input.

       --fullscreen, -f
              Enable fullscreen

       --width num, -Wnum
              Set screen width

       --height num, -Hnum
              Set screen height

       --1st-engine engine, -1engine
              Name of first chess engine.  Defaults to 'dreamer'.

       --verbose level, -vlevel
              Sets verbosity level. 0: Silent, 1: Errors only (default), 2: Errors  and  warnings
              only, 3: All.