Provided by: efp_1.4-2_all bug


       efp - Escape from Pong NES game


       nes [options] /usr/share/nes/efp.nes | /usr/share/nes/efp-rev.nes


       This  manual  page  documents  briefly  the  game  Escape from Pong.  This manual page was
       written for the Debian distribution because the original program does not  have  a  manual

       efp  is  a game of pong for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) with a twist.  In this
       version you control the ball, and your objective is to escape the board safely.  You  will
       need  to  fake out the paddle, fight against gravity, and avoid the (red) wall of death to

       The two ROMs efp and efp-rev differ only in the direction of the  thrust  when  using  the
       arrow keys.  This is so that you can use whichever way is more comfortable for you.


       You  will  need an emulator for the NES in order to play this game.  Unfortunately, I have
       found that it doesn't work correctly with all emulators.  One that I have  tested  is  FCE
       Ultra, so try that if your regular one doesn't work.  See /usr/share/doc/efp/README.Debian
       for more details.


       fceu-sdl(1), nes(1).


       This manual page was written by Joe Nahmias <>,  for  the  Debian  project
       (but may be used by others).

                                         February 2, 2004                              EFP.NES(6)