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       etw - Eat The Whistle


       etw <no_options>


       Eat  The Whistle  is an arcade soccer game similar to famous Amiga titles such as Kick Off
       or Sensible Soccer. It features several game modes where you can play either as the  whole
       team  or  as  a  single  player,  and you can also manage teams that take part in cups and
       leagues.  There is even an arcade mode  with  powerups  and  bonuses,  like  in  the  game
       SpeedBall 2.

       Eat The Whistle features 30 different field types and numerous sound effects.  The game is
       viewed from the side and can be controlled with either a joystick or the keyboard.

       Most in-game settings are configurable, such as the pitch, weather and game daytime, which
       will  impact  on  the  gameplay.  There  is a replay mode that lets you load and save best
       moments, a game tactics editor, and teams from the game Sensible World of  Soccer  can  be
       directly imported.

                                        November 08, 2012                                  ETW(6)