Provided by: excellent-bifurcation_0.0.20071015-7_amd64 bug


       excellent-bifurcation - an abstract two-sided vertical shooter




       The  aliens have attacked, and their ability to exist in either or both of their world and
       ours has given them an almost unsurpassable advantage.

       Take command of a special fighter craft capable of existing in both realities at once  and
       drive them back!

       The  form  your fighter takes on the left has double fast-firing cannons and can charge to
       release up to eight seekers. It is ideal  for  destroying  small  and  weak  but  numerous
       enemies.  The right-hand form has a single powerful cannon which fires slowly but does far
       more damage, and is more suited to taking out larger enemies.  It can charge up to release
       a  wave  which  passes  through things, damaging them as it goes (unlike the beam weapons,
       which only hit anything once no matter how thick it is). You can switch them  between  the
       worlds depending on what kind of firepower you need where.


       Left, Right, Up, Down
              move the fighter across the screen

       Z      fire the main weapon

       X      charges your weapons

       C      switches your two forms between the two worlds (screens)

       A      turns on or off the autofire mode (autofire is just like holding down Z)

       Esc    return to the main menu

       Key controls can be modified inside the game options menu.


       excellent-bifurcation doesn't accept any command line arguments.  Configuration is via the
       file ~/.config/excellent-bifurcation/init.txt (or a  different  path  if  the  environment
       variable  XDG_CONFIG_HOME has been modified), which also records scores and configured key

       The following configuration can only be  done  by  editing  init.txt  (under  the  heading

              Use Windowed = 0 for fullscreen, Windowed = 1 to run in a window (default).

       vsync  Turning vsync on (vsync = 1) eliminates a graphic shearing effect which some people
              might find annoying, but can slow things down on older systems.  Default is vsync =


       excellent-bifurcation was written by Linley Henzell.

       This  manual  page  was  written  by  Barry deFreese <> for the Debian
       GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                           January 2015                  EXCELLENT-BIFURCATION(6)