Provided by: fceux_2.2.2+dfsg0-1build1_amd64 bug


       fceux - An emulator for the original (8-bit) Nintendo / Famicom game console.


       fceux [options] "filename"


       FCEUX is an emulator for the original (8-bit) Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  It has
       a robust color palette rendering engine that is fully customizable, along  with  excellent
       sound and joystick support, and even supports movie recording and playback.


   Misc. Options
       --no-config {0|1}
              Use default config file and do not save to it, when enabled.

       -g {0|1}, --gamegenie {0|1}
              Enable or disable emulated Game Genie.

       --nogui {0|1}
              Enable or disable the GTK GUI.

       --loadlua FILE
              Loads lua script from filename FILE.

   Emulation Options
       --pal {0|1}
              Enable or disable PAL mode.

   Input Options
       -i DEV, --inputcfg DEV
              Configures  input  device  DEV  on  startup.   Devices:  gamepad powerpad hypershot

       --input{1|2} DEV
              Set which input device to emulate for  input  1  or  2.   Devices:  gamepad  zapper
              powerpad.0 powerpad.1 arkanoid

       --input{3|4} DEV
              Set  the  famicom  expansion device to emulate for input 3 or 4.  Devices: quizking
              hypershot mahjong toprider ftrainer familykeyboard oekakids arkanoid shadow  bworld

       --inputdisplay {0|1}
              Enable or disable input display.

       --fourscore {0|1}
              Enable or disable fourscore emulation.

   Graphics Options
       --newppu {0|1}
              Enable or disable the new PPU core. (WARNING: May break savestates)

       --frameskip NUM
              Set NUM of frames to skip per emulated frame.

       --clipsides {0|1}
              Enable  or  disable  clipping  of the leftmost and rightmost 8 columns of the video

       --slstart SCANLINE
              Set the first scanline to be rendered.

       --slend SCANLINE
              Set the last scanline to be rendered.

       --nospritelim {0|1}
              When set to 0, this disables the normal 8 sprites per  scanline  limitation.   When
              set  to  1,  this enables the normal 8 sprites per scanline limitation.  NOTE: Yes,
              this option is 'backwards'.

       -x XRES, --xres XRES
              Set horizontal resolution for full screen mode.

       -y YRES, --yres YRES
              Set vertical resolution for full screen mode.

       --doublebuf {0|1}
              Enable or disable double buffering.

       --autoscale {0|1}
              Enable or disable autoscaling in fullscreen.

       --keepratio {0|1}
              Keep native NES aspect ratio when autoscaling.

       --{x|y}scale VAL
              Multiply width/height by VAL.  (Real numbers > 0 with OpenGL, otherwise integers  >

       --{x|y}stretch {0|1}
              Stretch to fill surface on x/y axis (OpenGL only).

       -b {8|16|24|32}, --bpp {8|16|24|32}
              Set bits per pixel.

       --opengl {0|1}
              Enable or disable OpenGL support.

       --openglip {0|1}
              Enable or disable OpenGL linear interpolation.

       -f {0|1}, --fullscreen {0|1}
              Enable or disable full-screen mode.

       --noframe {0|1}
              Hide title bar and window decorations.

       --special {1-4}
              Use  special video scaling filters.  (1 = hq2x 2 = Scale2x 3 = NTSC 2x 4 = hq3x 5 =

       -p FILE, --palette FILE
              Use the custom palette in FILE.

       --ntsccolor {0|1}
              Enable or disable NTSC NES colors.

       --tint VAL
              Set the NTSC tint.

       --hue VAL
              Set the NTSC hue.

   Sound Options
       -s {0|1}, --sound {0|1}
              Enable or disable sound.

       --soundrate RATE
              Set the sound playback sample rate (0 == off?).

       --soundq {0|1|2}
              Set sound quality. (0 = Low 1 = High 2 = Very High)

       --soundbufsize MS
              Set sound buffer size to MS milliseconds.

       --volume {0-256}
              Sets the sound volume to the given value, where 256 is max volume.

       --trianglevol {0-256}
              Sets the sound volume of the triangle wave to the given value,  where  256  is  max

       --square1vol {0-256}
              Sets the sound volume of square wave 1 to the given value, where 256 is max volume.

       --square2vol {0-256}
              Sets the sound volume of square wave 2 to the given value, where 256 is max volume.

       --noisevol {0-256}
              Sets  the  sound volume of the noise generator to the given value, where 256 is max

       --lowpass {0|1}
              Enables or disables lowpass filtering of the sound.

       --soundrecord FILE
              Record sound to file FILE.

   Movie Options
       --playmov FILE
              Play back a recorded FCM/FM2 movie from filename FILE.

       --pauseframe FRAME
              Pause movie playback at frame FRAME.

       --moviemsg {0|1}
              Enable or disable movie messages.

       --fcmconvert FILE
              Convert fcm movie file FILE to fm2.

       --ripsubs FILE
              Convert movie's subtitles to srt.

       --subtitles {0|1}
              Enable or disable subtitle display.

   Networking Options
       -n SRV, --net SRV
              Connect to server SRV for TCP/IP network play.

       --port PORT
              Use TCP/IP port PORT for network play.

       -u NICK, --user NICK
              Set the nickname to use in network play.

       -w PASS, --pass PASS
              Set password to use for connecting to the server.

       -k NETKEY, --netkey NETKEY
              Use string NETKEY to create a unique session for the game loaded.

       --players NUM
              Set the number of local players.

       --rp2mic {0|1}
              If enabled, replace Port 2 Start with microphone (Famicom).

       --videolog c
              Calls mencoder to grab the video and  audio  streams  to  encode  them.  Check  the
              documentation for more on this.?

       --mute {0|1}
              Mutes FCEUX while still passing the audio stream to mencoder.

              FCEUX  has  a  number  of commands available within the emulator.  It also includes
              default keyboard bindings when emulating game pads or power pads.

   Gamepad Keyboard Bindings
                                      │NES GamepadKeyboard   │
                                      │   Up       │  Keypad Up   │
                                      │   Down     │ Keypad Down  │
                                      │   Left     │ Keypad Left  │
                                      │   Right    │ Keypad Right │
                                      │     A      │      F       │
                                      │     B      │      D       │
                                      │  Select    │      S       │
                                      │   Start    │    Enter     │
   Other Commands
       <Alt+Enter>    Toggle full-screen mode.

       <F1>           Cheat menu (command-line only).

       <F2>           Toggle savestate binding to movies.

       <F3>           Load LUA script.

       <F4>           Toggles background rendering.

       <F5>           Save game state into current slot (set using number keys).

       <F7>           Restore game state from current slot (set using number keys).

       <F10>          Toggle movie subtitles.

       <F11>          Reset NES.

       <F12>          Save screen snapshot.

       Shift+<F5>     Beging recording video.

       Shift+<F7>     Load recorded video.

       0-9            Select save state slot.

                      Select next/previous state.

       -              Decrease emulation speed.

       =              Increase emulation speed.

       Tab            Hold for turbo emulation speed.

       Pause          Pause emulation.

       \              Advance a single frame.

       .              Toggle movie frame counter.

       ,              Toggle input display.

       q              Toggle movie read-only.

       '              Advance a single frame.

       /              Lag counter display.

       Delete         Frame advance lag skip display.

       <ESC>          Quit FCEUX.

   VS Unisystem Commands
       <F8>           Insert coin.

       <F6>           Show/Hide dip switches.

       1-8            Toggle dip switches (when dip switches are shown).

   Famicom Disk System Commands
       <F6>           Select disk and disk side.

       <F8>           Eject or insert disk.
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       This manual page  was  written  by  Joe  Nahmias  <joe  _at_>,  Lukas  Sabota
       <ltsmooth42 _at_> and Alexander Toresson <alexander.toresson _at_> for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                          June 24, 2012                                  FCEUX(6)