Provided by: ffrenzy_1.0.2~svn20150731-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       ffrenzy - multiplayer platform game with dwarfs fighting with/for food


       ffrenzy [OPTIONS]


       ffrenzy is the main program that starts the Feeding Frenzy! game.

       Feeding  Frenzy!  is  a  distributed  network game for two to eight players.  One instance
       needs to act as server for syncing player names and the levels.

       During the game dwarfs need to collect food as fast as possible to bring it back to  their
       mushrooms  to  live.  When a dwarfs leaves his home without providing it with food for too
       long, (s)he dies from hunger.  The collected food can also  be  thrown  at  other  dwarfs,
       making  them  unconscious  when  hit.  When a power-up is picked up, thrown food will have
       special powers!


       -C configfile
              Use an alternate configuration file.

       -c server
              Connect to network server server.

       -d debugmask
              Use the give debug mask which consists of  a  summation  of  the  following  binary

                   Graphics:        0x1

                   Model:           0x2

                   Network:         0x4

                   Local I/O:       0x8

                   Main:           0x10

                   Communication:  0x20

       -f     Play full screen.

       -i inputfile
              Use input from the input file.

       -l levelname
              Select the level file.

       -m     Turn on the music.

       -o outputfile
              Put all events in the output file.

       -p players
              Number of players on the local machine.

       -q     Turn off the sound effect (be quiet).

       -s nrplayers
              Start network server for a given number of players.






       Feeding Frenzy! was written by OGO 2.3 group 6 which consists of the following people: Bas
       Kloet   <>,   Chistian    Luijten    <>,    Emiel    Neggers
       <>,  Bram Senders <>, Sjoerd Simons <>, Paul van
       Tilburg <

       This man page was written by Paul van Tilburg <>.

                                            June 2007                                  FFRENZY(6)