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       fruit - Fruit is a UCI-only chess engine.




       This manual page documents briefly the fruit program.

       Fruit is an UCI-only chess engine. This distribution comes up with an opening book.

       Fruit   and   other   UCI   engines  can  be  used  with  XBoard  or  WinBoard  (or  other
       xboard-compatible interfaces) with the help of PolyGlot (UCI-to-xboard  adapter).  Another
       well known frontend is scid, which has a UCI capable interface.


       These  program  does  NOT  follow  the  usual GNU command line syntax, but can be fed with
       options with a personal config file which can be read by the polyglot helper software. The
       author  himself says "You are advised to skip this section unless you are completely crazy
       about computer chess." For a complete description of these UCI commands,  see  the  readme

       SEE ALSO
              Further documentation in /usr/share/doc/fruit/readme.txt


       fruit  was  written  by  Fabien  Letouzey  <>.  The  Sourcecode
       including    binaries    for    several     architectures     can     be     found     at:

       This  manual  page  was written by Oliver Korff <>, for the Debian project (but
       may be used by others).

                                          June 30, 2005                                  FRUIT(6)