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       gcompris - manual page for gcompris GCompris


       gcompris [OPTION...]
              - An educational software for chilren 2 to 10

   Help Options:
       -h, --help
              Show help options

              Show all help options

              Show GTK+ Options

   Application Options:
       -f, --fullscreen
              run GCompris in fullscreen mode.

       -w, --window
              run GCompris in window mode.

       -s, --sound
              run GCompris with sound enabled.

       -m, --mute
              run GCompris without sound.

       -c, --cursor
              run GCompris with the default system cursor.

       -C, --nocursor
              run GCompris without cursor (touch screen mode).

       -d, --difficulty
              display only activities with this difficulty level.

       -r, --rememberlevel
              Return to last passed level even when no user is selected

       -l, --root-menu
              Run  GCompris with local menu (e.g -l /reading will let you play only activities in
              the reading directory, -l /strategy/connect4 only the connect4 activity).  Use  '-l
              list' to list all the available activities and their descriptions.

       -A, --package_data_dir
              GCompris will find the data dir in this directory

       -S, --package_skin_dir
              GCompris will find the skins in this directory

       -L, --plugin_dir
              GCompris will find the activity plugins in this directory

       -P, --python_plugin_dir
              GCompris will find the Python activity in this directory

              GCompris will find the locale file (.mo translation) in this directory

       -M, --menu_dir
              GCompris will find the activities menu in this directory

       -a, --administration
              Run GCompris in administration and user-management mode

       -b, --database
              Use alternate database for profiles [$HOME/.config/gcompris/gcompris_sqlite.db]

              Create the alternate database for profiles

              Re-read XML Menus and store them in the database

       -p, --profile
              Set the profile to use. Use 'gcompris -a' to create profiles

              List all available profiles. Use 'gcompris -a' to create profiles

              Config   directory   location:   [$HOME/.config/gcompris].   Alternate  is  to  set

              The location of user directories: [$HOME/My GCompris]

              Run the experimental activities

              Disable the quit button

              Disable the config button

              Disable the level button

              Disable the database (slower start and no user log)

       -g, --drag-mode
              Global drag and drop mode: normal, 2clicks, both. Default mode is normal.

              Do not avoid the execution of multiple instances of GCompris.

              Disable maximization zoom

              Increase activities' timeout delays;  useful  values  >  1.0;  1.0  to  not  change
              hardcoded value

              How activities' timeout delays are growing for several actors; useful values < 1.0;
              1.0 to not change hardcoded value

       --test For test purpose, run in a loop all the activities

       -D, --debug
              display debug informations on the console.

       -v, --version
              Print the version of gcompris

              X display to use

       Version: 13.11 License: GPL More info at


       The full documentation for gcompris is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If  the  info  and
       gcompris programs are properly installed at your site, the command

              info gcompris

       should give you access to the complete manual.