Provided by: gl-117_1.3.2-2.1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gl-117 - an OpenGL action flight simulator


       gl-117 [-dlevel -h -v]


       gl-117  is  an OpenGL and SDL based action flight simulator written in ISO C++.  Enter the
       Eagle Squadron and succeed  in  several  challanging  missions  leading  though  different
       landscapes.   Five  predefined levels of video quality and an amount of viewing ranges let
       you perfectly adjust the game to the  performance  of  your  system.   The  game  provides
       joystick and mouse support, sound effects, and music.


              Set  the debug level to level in [0..5]. '0' means quiet and will avoid any output,
              '1' will log fatal errors causing the program to crash on  stderr,  '2'  will  also
              print  exceptions on stderr, '3' will add warnings on stdout, '4' prints additional
              information (predefined) on stdout, and '5' gives developer  specific  messages  on

       -h     Print a short summary on stdout and then quit immediately.

       -v     Display the version number of gl-117 and then quit immediately.


       gl-117  uses a predefined working directory ".gl-117" in the user's home directory to load
       and store all savegame files and read  the  plain  text  configuration  files  "conf"  and
       "conf.interface".   If  there are no config files available, gl-117 will create them using
       standard settings. The contents of the files are quite self-explanatory.


       Please look at the gl-117 user  manual  (gl-117.pdf)  for  installation  instructions  and
       further gameplay related descriptions.


       gl-117 is distributed under the terms of the GPL.


       Thomas A. Drexl (

                                         27 February 2003                               GL-117(6)