Provided by: gltron_0.70final-12.1_amd64 bug


       gltron - a tron-like 3D lightcycle game


       gltron [[-FftwbghcCsk1234simo]


       glTron  is  a  tron-like  lightcycle  game  with  a nice 3D perspective 3D acceleration is

       More information can be found at the gltron web site


       If the game refuses to start up, check your  hardware  settings  and  that  the  necessary
       libraries are installed.

       If the options are messed up, remove ~/.gltronrc and try again.

       Anything  else  check  TODO,  known  bugs  on  the  website,  and lastly ask in #gltron on


       Valid command line options:

       -O     enable  software  optimizations,  useful  if  your   card   doesn't   have   OpenGL
              acceleration. For best results combine with -t and -1.

       -f     fast finish after human has crashed

       -F     don't display FPS counter

       -t     don't display floor texture, use lines instead (huge speed gain)

       -w     don't display walls (speed gain)

       -x     don't show crash texture (speed gain)

       -g     don't show glows (small speed gain)

       -c     don't show ai status

       -C     show ai status (default: on)

       -1     set resolution to 320x240

       -2     set resolution to 640x480 (default)

       -3     set resolution to 800x600

       -4     set resolution to 1024x768

       -s     don't play sound

       -h     help


       Updated  with  PROBLEMS section by Countersync <> before submission
       to upstream source.

       This manual page was  written  by  Jeronimo  Pellegrini <>,  based
       on  the information in the package by Raphael Bossek, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but
       may be used by others).

                                            2001-06-10                                  GLTRON(6)