Provided by: holotz-castle_1.3.14-7_amd64 bug


       holotz-castle - platform game with high dosis of mistery


       holotz-castle [-f] [-w] [--fps nn] [-mWWxHHxBPP]


       A  great  mystery  is hidden beyond the walls of Holotz's Castle. Will you be able to help
       Ybelle and Ludar escape alive from the castle?

       Test your dexterity with this tremendously exciting platform game!


       You'll get an options' menu as soon as the game starts, with the following options:

        - Continue Game: You can continue playing the game if you have interrupted it with escape
        - New Game: You can start playing the game right from the beginning.
        -  Help: You get a general help text on the game. You can use escape key for leaving that
        - Options: You'll get a new menu from which you  can  set  video,  sound,  dificulty  and
       language options. You can leave each menu by using the escape key.
        - Load: You can continue playing the game from a previously saved adventure.
        - Save: With this option you can save the current adventure.
        - Exit: Leave the game.

       During the game, you can use the following keys:

        - Arrow keys: Move character
        - Space key: Jump / Skip dialog
        - Enter/Return key: Skip dialog sequence
        - F1: Display help text while playing
        - Escape key: Hides help screen.

       Aside from that the game easy to play, no need for a manual!


       These command line options are available:
        -f             Full Screen.
        -w             Windowed.
        --fps nn       Run the game at nn frames per second (fps).
        -mWWxHHxBPP     Run  in video mode set by WW pixels of width, HH pixels of height and BPP
       bits per pixel (eg. -m640x480x16).


       This  manual  page  was  written  for  the  Debian  GNU/Linux  system   by   Miriam   Ruiz
       <> (but may be used by others, of course)