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       khangman - The classical hangman game for KDE


       khangman [KDE Generic Options] [Qt Generic Options]


       KHangMan is a game based on the well known hangman game. It is aimed for children 6 and
       above. It has several levels of difficulty: A lot of categories like Animals (animals
       words) and Easy, Medium and Hard.

       A word is picked at random and the letters are hidden. You must guess the word by trying
       one letter after another. Each time you guess a wrong letter, part of a picture of a
       hangman is drawn. You must guess the word before getting hanged! You have 10 tries.

       This application is part of the KDE Edutainment module.


       More detailed user documentation is available from help:/khangman (either enter this URL
       into Konqueror, or run khelpcenter help:/khangman).

       There is also further information available at the KDE Edutainment web site[1].


       KHangMan was written by Primoz Anzur and Anne-Marie Mahfouf <>

       This manual page based on the one prepared by Ben Burton for the Debian project.


       Ben Burton <>
           KHangMan man page.


        1. KDE Edutainment web site