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       lightyears - single player real-time strategy game with steampunk sci-fi


       lightyears [options...]


              Start the game in windowed mode, regardless of the last saved state.

              Start the game in fullscreen mode, regardless of the last saved state.

              Mute all sounds.

       --safe Restore default configuration (any existing configuration will be deleted).


       lightyears  is a strategy game with steampunk elements. You are the ruler of a new city on
       an alien planet and you have to provide it with energy to let it advance. To achieve  this
       you have to construct "Steam Makers" and connect them through pipes and nodes.

       Ensuring  a  stable  and plentiful steam supply will let you upgrade your city.  This will
       result in additional "work  units"  which  will  allow  you  to  do  a  higher  amount  of
       simultaneous  construction  work. Other than constructing "Steam Makers", nodes and pipes,
       you can also upgrade those to increase their efficiency.

       To make your task more difficult there are atural phenomenons that may harm part  of  your
       network,  in which case you will have to repair it in hurry before the city loses too much
       energy. You'll also have to face enemy alien  ships,  of  increasing  power  as  the  game
       advances, which will attempt to destroy your infraestructures.


       Build node: N
       Build pipe: P
       Destroy: D, backspace
       Open the menu: escape


       You will find additional documentation in /usr/share/doc/lightyears/html/.


       lightyears  was  written  by  Jack  Whitham <> and this manual page by
       Siegfried-A. Gevatter <>.

                                          June 20, 2009                             LIGHTYEARS(6)