Provided by: lordsawar-data_0.3.0-2_all bug


       lordsawar-game-host-server - Serve up networked lordsawar games.


       lordsawar-game-host-server [OPTION...]


       Allow  remote  and  local users to start their networked lordsawar games on your computer.
       The command-line tool lordsawar-game-host-client is used to send commands to this server.

       -f, --foreground
              Do not detach from the controlling terminal.

       -h, --host HOST
              Specify the hostname that others can reach this machine on.

       -p, --port NUMBER
              Start the server on the given port.

       -m, --members FILE
              Allow the profile ids in this file to host games.  The format of FILE is one id per
              line, with any lines starting with # being ignored.

       -?, --help
              Give this help list.

       When  a  --port is not specified, the server starts on port 22998.  The server will search
       for the lordsawar binary in your path and execute it to begin hosting new games.


       ~/.lordsawarrc    The configuration file.

                         The data file representing the list of games that the server is hosting.


       Report bugs to <>.