Provided by: lordsawar-data_0.3.0-2_all bug


       lordsawar-import - Transfer your scenarios from Warlords II


       lordsawar-import [OPTION...] [FILE]
       lordsawar-import [OPTION...] [DIRECTORY]


       This  tool  converts Warlords II .SCZ files into LordsAWar! map files.  Alternatively this
       tool can operate on a directory that contains the unpacked SCZ file.  In  particular,  the
       directory must contain .SCN, .ITM, .RD, .MAP, .SPC, and .SGN files.

       No attempt is made to import the graphics from the Warlords scenario.

       This tool does not support the importing of .SZP files, or saved game files.

       The  resulting  file  is  saved  as  the  basename  of your FILE or directory, with a .map
       extension added.  For example, if you converted a directory called ERYTHEA/, the converted
       file will be called


       -a, --army-file FILE
              Use this Warlords 2 army file.  It is a .DAT file, 1798 bytes long.

       -h, --help
              Give this help list.


       The bottommost row of converted scenarios can often have errors on it.

       Unfortunately  this  tool  does not import the contents of cities -- the cities themselves
       will be imported, but they won't have any armies that can be produced.

       Ruin defenders are not imported, and neither are the rewards (items)  that  can  be  found
       inside ruins.


       Report bugs to <>.