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       lure - classic 2D point and click fantasy adventure game


       Lure  of  the Temptress was Revolution's very first adventure game and work began on it in
       1989, even before Revolution's inception as an actual games development company.

       You are Diermot, an unwilling hero who'd prefer a quiet life, and are, to all intents  and
       purposes,  a good man. After decades of unrest the King has united the warring factions in
       his kingdom and all his lands are at peace, except a remote region around  a  town  called
       Turnvale.  A  revolt  has  recently  taken  place in Turnvale, a revolt orchestrated by an
       apprentice sorceress called Selena, the titular temptress.

       The king calls together his finest horsemen and heads off (with you in  tow)  to  Turnvale
       just to witness how hellish mercenary monsters called Skorl are invading the town.

       The  king's  men are defeated, the king is killed and you fall of your horse and bang your
       head heavily on the ground. You have been unconscious for a while when  you  realize  that
       you  are  in a dingy cell guarded by a not so friendly Skorl. Maybe it would be an idea to
       try and escape...


       --help Display help for the command

              Display version and author information

       --en   Play the English version of Lure

       --de   Play the German version of Lure

       --fr   Play the French version of Lure

       --it   Play the Italian version of Lure

       --es   Play the Spanish version of Lure