Provided by: gnubg_1.05.000-8_amd64 bug


       makebearoff - generate a GNU Backgammon bearoff database


       makebearoff [-HCcgnvh] -f filename [-t PxC] [-o P] [-s cache-size] [-O filename]


       makebearoff generates GNU Backgammon bearoff databases, which are used to improve play in
       the endgame.  It can generate either two-sided (exact) databases that tell precisely the
       chance of winning or one-sided (approximate) databases that provide a variety of
       probabilities looking at each side independently.

       Bearoff databases can get quite large and can take a significant amount of time to
       generate for large numbers of chequers and/or points.


       -f filename, --outfile filename
              Write the bearoff database to filename.  This option must be given.

       -t PxC, --two-sided PxC
              Generate a two-sided bearoff database for P points and C chequers for each player.
              Be warned that the size of the database grows rapidly with larger numbers of points
              and chequers.

       -o P, --one-sided P
              Generate a one-sided bearoff database for P points.  One-sided bearoff databases
              are always generated for up to fifteen chequers.

       -s N, --xhash-size N
              Use a memory cache of size N while building the database.  If the cache is smaller
              than the database size, database generation will be slower due to disk writes.

       -O filename, --old-bearoff filename
              Reuse an already generated bearoff database.  Any needed data already in this
              database will just be copied without regenerating it.

       -H, --no-header
              Do not write the normal bearoff database header.

       -C, --no-cubeful
              Do not calculate cubeful equities for two-sided databases.

       -c, --no-compress
              Do not compress one-sided databases.

       -g, --no-gammons
              Do not include gammon distributions in one-sided databases.

       -n, --normal-dist
              Rather than storing exact probabilities, approximate probabilities in a one-sided
              database with a normal distribution.

       -v, --version
              Show version information and exit.

       -h, --help
              Display usage and exit.


       To generate a two-sided database for up to eight chequers on six points:

           makebearoff -t 6x8 -f

       Note that this database is 72MB in size.  To generate a one-sided database for up to
       fifteen chequers on ten points:

           makebearoff -o 10 -f

       Note that this database is 118MB in size.


       gnubg(6), bearoffdump(6)


       Joseph Heled, Øystein Johansen, Jørn Thyssen, and Gary Wong, with the assistance of many
       others <>.

       This manual page was written by Russ Allbery <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux
       system (but may be used by others).  It may be redistributed and/or modified under the
       terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
       Foundation (the same license as GNU Backgammon).

                                            2006-01-15                             MAKEBEAROFF(6)