Provided by: simutrans-makeobj_120.1.3+repack-1_amd64 bug


       makeobj - compile data sets for Simutrans


       makeobj [ quiet ] capabilities

       makeobj [ quiet ] pak [pak-file dat-file...]

       makeobj [ quiet ] pak128 [pak-file dat-file...]

       makeobj [ quiet ] list pak-file...

       makeobj [ quiet ] dump pak-file pak-file...

       makeobj [ quiet ] merge pak-file pak-file...

       makeobj [ quiet ] extract pak-file


       This manual page documents briefly the makeobj command.


              Gives the list of objects, this program can read.

       pak pak-file dat-file...
              Creates a ready to use pak file for Simutrans from the dat files.

              If  the file names are omitted, makeobj defaults to all dat files under the current

       pak128 pak-file dat-file...
              Creates a special pak file for 128x128 images.

       list pak-file...
              Lists the contents ot the given pak files.

       dump pak-file pak-file...
              List the internal nodes of a file.

       merge pak-file pak-file...
              Merges multiple pak files into one new pak file.

       extract pak-file
              Creates single files from multiple pak file.

       If the quiet option is given as the first argument the copyright message will be omitted.

       If a file name ends with a slash, a directory is searched rather than a file.




       Simutrans was written by Hansjoerg Malthaner and the Simutrans Team.

       This manual page was written by  Ansgar  Burchardt  <>,  for  the  Debian
       project (but may be used by others).

                                        February 25, 2008                              MAKEOBJ(6)