Provided by: mupen64plus-qt_1.8-2_amd64 bug


       Mupen64Plus-Qt - a basic launcher for Mupen64Plus




       Mupen64Plus-Qt is a basic launcher for the mupen64plus-ui-console frontend. It was adapted
       from CEN64-Qt to work with Mupen64Plus.

       Mupen64Plus-Qt supports downloading game information and cover images from
       This  can be enabled under the Other tab. It's recommended you have the data directory set
       (under Paths) before using this. Once enabled, you'll need to refresh your  ROMs  list  to
       download  the  information. Afterwards, images and other information about the game can be
       added to the layouts.

       If a game is not found, Mupen64Plus-Qt supports refreshing information for a  single  ROM.
       Just  select  the  rom  and  go  to  File->Download/Update Info. From here you can enter a
       different search  or  the  specific  ID  of  the  game  (from  the  URL  of  the  game  on