Provided by: nestopia_1.47-1_amd64 bug


       nestopia - Nintento Entertainment System / Famicom emulator


       nestopia game


       This manual page documents briefly the nestopia command.

       nestopia  is  an  emulator  for the Nintento Entertainment System. It can execute programs
       intended for the NES console.


       nestopia has no command-line options; use the provided GUI to configure it.


       The default controls are as follows:

       Up     Player 1 up

       Down   Player 1 down

       Left   Player one left

       Right  Player one right

       ,      Player one A

       .      Player one B

       1      Player one start

       2      Player one select

       Keypad 8
              Player two up

       Keypad 2
              Player two down

       Keypad 4
              Player two left

       Keypad 6
              Player two right

       Keypad /
              Player two A

       Keypad *
              Player two B

       Keypad Enter
              Player two start

       Keypad +
              Player two select

       F1     Save movie

       F2     Load movie

       F3     Stop recording movie

       F4     Reset

       F5     Flip disk

       F7     Save

       F8     Load

       Escape Stop


              Fast forward

       7      Quick save 1

       8      Quick save 2

       9      Quick load 1

       0      Quick load 2

       5      Coin 1

       6      Coin 2


       nestopia was written by Martin Freij and  ported  to  Linux  by  R.  Belmont.  It  is  now
       maintained by R. Danbrook.

       This  manual  page  was written by Stephen Kitt <>, for the Debian project
       (and may be used by others).

                                         August 11, 2011                              NESTOPIA(6)