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       COW - manual page for NETREK-CLIENT-COW 3.2.7


       netrek-client-cow [options] [display-name]


       This is a client for the multi-player game of Netrek.

       Netrek  is  the  probably  the  first  video  game  which can accurately be described as a
       "sport."  It has more in common with basketball than with arcade games or Quake.  Its vast
       and  expanding  array of tactics and strategies allows for many different play styles; the
       best players are the ones who think fastest, not necessarily  the  ones  who  twitch  most
       effectively.   It  can  be  enjoyed  as  a  twitch  game,  since the dogfighting system is
       extremely robust, but the things that really set Netrek apart from other video  games  are
       the  team  and  strategic aspects.  Team play is dynamic and varied, with roles constantly
       changing as the game state changes.  Strategic play is explored in organized league games;
       after 6+ years of league play, strategies are still being invented and refined.

       The  game  was created in 1988, and still has players, including some people who have been
       playing for nearly as long as the game has existed.

       To start the client program,  run  netrek-client-cow,  and  a  list  of  servers  will  be



       [-h servername]
              Bypasses the server list and connects directly to a specific server.

       [-p port number]
              Specify a port to connect to, the default is 2592.

       [-r defaultsfile]
              Specify a defaults file containing cusstom settings.  See XTREKRC.

       [-s socketnum]
              Specify listen socket port for manual start, used in debugging.

       [-u]   Show usage

       [-A]   Automatic login, character password

       [-C]   Automatic login, character name

       [-i]   ignore SIGSEGV and SIGBUS

       [-U port]
              Specify client UDP or TCP port (useful for some firewalls)

       [-o]   use old-style binary verification)

       [-R]   use RSA binary verification

       [-P]   Log server packets, repeat for increased information

       [-c]   to just do ck_players on the server

       [-f filename]
              Record game into 'filename'

       [-F filename]
              Plays the recorded game from 'filename'

       [-l filename]
              Record messages into 'filename'

       [-m]   list servers, using UDP/IP to multiple metaservers

       [-M]   list servers, using TCP/IP to single metaserver

       [-k]   list servers from cache generated by -M

       [-n]   use nearest colors in shared colormap

       [-L]   upgrade to Latest version (requires running netscape)

       [-V]   Version info and release notes (requires running netscape)

       [-B]   submit a Bug report (requires running netscape)

       [-v]   display client version info


       Partial  list of authors Chris Guthrie, Kevin P. Smith, Scott Silvey, Eric mehlhaff, Kevin
       Powell, Nick Trown, Jeff Nelson, Kurt  Siegl,  Lars  Bernhardsson,  Nathan  Doss,  Michael
       Kantner, Dave Ahn, James Cameron, and Bob Tanner.

       If your name is missing, please contact


       Send  mail  to  ...  best if you subscribe first.  Or contact directly.


       Copyright notifications from the source code:

       Copyright © 1986 Chris Guthrie

       Copyright © 1989 Kevin P. Smith, Scott Silvey

       Copyright © 1991 Eric mehlhaff

       Copyright © 1993 Kevin Powell, Nick Trown, Jeff Nelson, Kurt Siegl

       Copyright © 1993,1996 Lars Bernhardsson

       Copyright © 1994 Nathan Doss, Michael Kantner

       Please contact if your name is missing from this list!

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