Provided by: openmw-launcher_0.38.0-1build1_amd64 bug


       mwiniimport - Import the ini variables from Morrowind to OpenMW


       Syntax: mwiniimporter <options> inifile configfile Allowed options:

       -h [ --help ]
              produce help message

       -v [ --verbose ]
              verbose output

       -i [ --ini ] arg
              morrowind.ini file

       -c [ --cfg ] arg
              openmw.cfg file

       -o [ --output ] arg
              openmw.cfg file

       -g [ --game-files ]
              import esm and esp files

       -A [ --no-archives ]
              disable bsa archives import

       -e [ --encoding ] arg (=win1252) Character encoding used in OpenMW game

              win1250  -  Central  and Eastern European such as Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian,
              Slovene, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (Latin script), Romanian and Albanian languages

              win1251 - Cyrillic alphabet such as Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian Cyrillic and  other

              win1252 - Western European (Latin) alphabet, used by default