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       pangzero - action game that involves popping balloons with a harpoon




       Pang Zero is a clone and enhancement of Super Pang, a fast-paced action game that involves
       popping balloons with a harpoon.

       The intention is to create a fun, open-source game that many (currently up  to  6)  people
       can play together. You can play Pang Zero alone, but it's a lot more fun to play with your


       The purpose of the game is to destroy balls using a harpoon. When  those  balls  are  hit,
       they  will  split  into two smaller balls until they are totally destroyed. There are also
       some special balls which will appear during the game.

       Right after starting the game you will have a menu available, in which you will be able to
       select  some  playing options. You can use cursor keys to navigate through menuoptions and
       use Enter to select one. 'P' key pauses the game, and Esc quits.

       In that menu, you can select the number of players (between 1 and  6),  Select  some  game
       options,  like  turn  the  sound  or  the  music on and off, or switch between fullscreen,
       windowed screen or widescreen. You can also select the keys for the players.

       There's a tutorial available through the starting menu, that you can use to learn  how  to


              This is where Pang Zero stores user data and game configuration.


       Pang Zero was written by UPi.

       This manual page was written for Debian by Miriam Ruiz <>.