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       plee-the-bear — 2D platform game




       Plee  the  Bear  is a 2D platform game like those we found on consoles in the beginning of
       the 90's. The basis of the scenario fit in few lines:

       Plee the Bear wakes up late one afternoon after dreaming of his  earlier  years,  when  he
       traveled  across  the  world  with  his  belle at his side. Craving an afternoon snack, he
       sticks his arm in a nearby honey pot — only to find it empty! Upon  discovering  that  all
       the pots in his house are empty, Plee thinks of his mischievous son and swears, "I'm gonna
       find that boy and give him the wallop he deserves."

       Following honey drops left on the ground, Plee reaches the edge of  the  forest,  and  his
       adventure begins.

       The current version is a demo.


       This program calls running-bear(6) with the options related to the game. See the manual of
       this program for a list of options.




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