Provided by: pq_6.2-0ubuntu3_all bug


       pq - a next generation computer role-playing game


       pq [options] [character.pq]


       Progress  Quest  is  a  "fire  and  forget" computer role-playing game, where you create a
       fantasy character and watch it advance.


           Do not make a backup file when saving the game

           Do not display the "Game saved" message when saving

           Do not minimize to the system tray

           Export a text character sheet periodically

           Export a text character now, then exit

           Display a pop-up displaying the command line options


               One of these save files will be  automatically  created  for  each  of  your  game

               Backup copy of the save file. Also created for each character

               Exported character sheet for your character


       Progress  Quest  was  written by Eric Fredricksen. Ubuntu packaging and Ubuntu integration
       was originally created by Toni Ruottu <>. You may visit  Progress  Quest
       homepage at .