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       qxw - create and publish crosswords


       qxw [options] [file]


       This manual page briefly documents the qxw command.

       Qxw  is  a  program  that  can  help  you create and publish crosswords, from the simplest
       blocked grid to sophisticated thematic puzzles. It can make  rectangular-,  hexagonal-  or
       circular-format grids with blocks, bars or both. It has an automatic grid-filling facility
       that can handle a wide range of answer treatments and you can even  add  your  own  answer
       treatment  methods.  Grids  can be filled using letters, digits, or a mixture of both. Qxw
       can produce output in a range of formats ready for publication.

       The optional argument is the name of a crossword description file in Qxw's  native  format
       to load at start-up.


       -?     Show usage summary, version and licence information.

       -d file
              Load  specified dictionary at start-up. The option may be repeated to load multiple

       This program also accepts the standard GTK options.



       The program is documented more fully at <>.


       Qxw was written by Mark Owen.

       This manual page was written by Mark Owen <>, for the Debian  project
       (and may be used by others).

                                           May 31, 2011                                    QXW(6)